The Startup 
PMC-Netcon GmbH

PMC-Netcon, that's us - Peter and Michael  

At the beginning of 2021, we decided to implement an app idea in the field of networking during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. We made it our mission to make the topic of networking more human again.


We are here as a team to support you


What fascinates me about networking are the people. The diverse views on different topics, whether in a professional or private context, broaden my personal horizons a little more with every conversation.


Whether networking, in a professional or private context, in the end life is about doing something you are passionate about, what value you want to add to your environment and how you interact with others, but also with yourself..

Together with LetsNet -
let's make networking more human again

But what does LetsNet mean? What's actually behind it? 'Let's network' is the abbreviated form and the aspiration of LetsNet. It's a move away from platforms that dilute the essence with unnecessary content, back to face-to-face networking. Let's connect in person and expand our network. LetsNet represents the digital return to face-to-face networking – a return to humanity!

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