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Do these situations look familiar to YOU 
on a business trip?

Unused free time after arrival at the hotel

Fear of direct contact with people

Foreign in an 
unknown city

Let's create these situations for YOU 
together with LetsNet 

Meet with like-minded business people 
after work

The best time for a profitable meeting is NOW

Simply find the perfect location with our integrated Locator

See who wants to network 
in your area

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App Radar 
The 4 status colors

Blue: Networking
Manuel wants to network today

Yellow: Food & Drinks
Sarah wants to meet for dinner today

Magenta: Sports
Simon wants to play tennis today

Green: Afterwork
Ayla wants to discover the city today

"Our need of face-to-face contact is human and enormously important for business relationships. And physical contacts are creating opportunities to discuss business beyond the agenda."

Dr. Christopher Anderson, Economics professor at Cornell University Hotel School

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